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  Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society

2009 ARES VHF Contest


  • To promote FM Simplex operation.
  • To provide a local, fun, fast contest with equipment most hams already own.

Saturday, March 7th, 2009 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST

The contest is open to all radio amateurs.

This contest is designed for hams to have fun over a short period. You don't need to devote an entire weekend, just an enjoyable Saturday night. So get a cup of hot chocolate,  a comfortable chair, and sit down for a few hours to see who is on the air. There will be some rovers running around during the full contest period to keep activity going the entire time.

This is a low key contest, do not feel rushed, there is plenty of time for a short chat. You can move a participant to another band.  Ask questions, meet someone new. The rules are simple, equipment requirements minimal. It is really a pleasant way to spend an evening on the radio.


Limited to the FM simplex frequencies on the following bands.
6 meter, 2 Meter, 220 band, 440 band
No contacts are permitted on the calling frequencies.


  • Base
  • Rover
  • Portable - Limited to 10W, with transceiver mounted antenna

Call sign, your sequential contact number, ZIP code
Note: You should not use a separate set of sequential numbers for each band. Start at the beginning of the contest and keep going in order even if you change bands.

Sample contact exchanges
K9FFF this is WM9JDL - Please copy Number 3, zip 46805
K9FFF this is WM9JDL Rover - Please copy Number 3, zip now 46805


1 point per contact

Multiplier is the number of unique ZIP's contacted
For Rovers/Portables, multiplier is the number of unique ZIP's contacted plus the number of ZIP's activated.
Final score = multiplier X contact points.


Bragging Rights awards will be issued to individual top scores in all classes.

Heading: Your name, address, call sign, & contest class
Listing of contacts to include;

Your contact number; their call sign, zip, their contact number; band

For rovers and portables, your zip at time of contact.

Logs may be submitted in any text format that you choose. Spreadsheets are nice, hand written lists are just as acceptable.


Entry Deadline
All logs, either paper or electronic should be received by April 1, 2009.
Logs may be sent to;

Joseph Lawrence, 4624 Willard Dr., Fort Wayne, IN  46815

Or emailed to

Special Rules:

  • Stations can only be worked once per band. Rovers and portables can be worked again when they have moved to a different ZIP.
  • Rovers and portables cannot straddle ZIP code lines, only one ZIP may be given during each contact. Rover and portable stations must remain in a ZIP a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Teams are permitted, but only one transmitter is allowed to operate at any one time.
  • No contacts on calling frequencies.
    52.525, 146.52, 223.50, 446.00
  • Only mode allowed is FM phone simplex.
  • No repeater contacts, satellite, or EME, please stay on FM simplex frequencies.
  • No crossband, no split frequency contacts.

    Pre-arranging contacts by use of repeaters, telephones, or otherwise is not allowed, nor in the spirit of the contest. Requesting a move to another band during a contact is allowed.