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  Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society

Membership List

as of February 2015

WB9AA Ron Busch
N9ADS Howard Pletcher hrpletch(at)
KB5CTO Ted Amadeus kb5cto(at)
W9DJS Donna Streeter w9djs(at)
K9DMA Rich Meyer rmeyer3345(at)
KB9DPF Denny Buesching kb9dpf(at)
K9EA Dan Michnay k9ea(at)
WB3ELM Larry Soughan wb3elm(at)
WD9FAI Larry Clifford clifford(at)
KA9FFZ Sue Holm  
K9FMX Terry Bowman tjbowman(at)
KC9GAQ Richard Blair richard.blair6(at)
KC9GAT Rick Cocklin goat6505(at)
N9GIS Gary Carpenter glcarpen1(at)
W9GT Jack Shutt w9gt(at)
KC9HIU Mike Cumins kc9hiu(at)
WD9HIY Ken Buinowski ksbuinowski(at)
WB8HQS Don Gagnon don.gagnon(at)
W9HV Walt Kowal walt_kowal(at)
KB9IH James Boyer kb9ih(at)
N9IU Lou Phillips louphillips88(at)
K9JDF Bernie Holm bgholmmg(at)
W9JMJ James Skora skora(at)
K9LCZ Martin Husar mthusar(at)
W9LKH Dave Lindquist w9lkh(at)
W9LSU Randy Sterling w9lsu(at)
W9LW Jay Farlow w9lw(at)
N9MEL Steve Haxby shaxby(at)
KB9NGM Dan Soper dlsoper(at)
N9NMW Valerie Stein  
WB9NOO Mike Stein mjstein(at)
K9OMA Jim Pliett jhp16702(at)
W8OJM Thomas Tenney tomtenney(at)hotmail,com
W9OWO Jack Dold jack(at)
N9PWM Robert Erb roberterb(at)
WB9PXL Ed Heller 4.ed.linda(at)
W9QHY T.J. Walker w9qhy(at)
N9QR Mike Stover n9qr(at)
K9RFZ Joseph Lawrence k9rfz(at)
K4RMU Jim Hinchee jehinchee(at)
AB9RZ John Reitz jreitzprr(at)
W9SAN Steve Nardin w9san(at)
W8ST Bob Streeter w8st(at)
KU8T Thomas Rupp gmrepair1(at)
KF9TP Mary Bolin  
WB9UNL Dave Keiser wb9unl(at)
N9VXM Al Bennett  
W9WEL Dave Van Doorn dlvandoorn1(at)
K9WJ Willis Bolin k9wj(at)
KF9YP Larry Eckerley lleckerley(at)
KC9YVT Marc Siegel
KA9YYI Annie Pliett map16702(at)
KA9ZAZ Robert E. Curts bobka9z(at)
WB9ZMC John Seely jrseely50(at)
KA9ZNN Henry Goulet